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Scrap Catalytic Converter Guide as well as all its content will be discontinued. Codes and prices will now be available and accessible online for free at PGM solution. All who have obtained subscriptions will continue to receive updates via email in a timely manner. Come visit us at for up-to-date pricing as we continue to grow our catalytic converter database.


 Get access to prices, photos, and codes, that will give you the edge needed to successfully buy and sell scrap catalytic converters. With prices near or at refiners pricing, this will ensure that you are getting the best payout/offer for your material. There are hundreds of identical catalytic converters, but the pricing could be drastically different, PGM Solution will distinguish the price difference by allowing you to simply run a code search for each catalytic converter.  This will help you eliminate any surprises at the point of sale or processing and will guide you in determining what you should pay. So, whether you are selling per unit and/or de-canning, this website has you covered! If you would like to sell to us, simply complete checkout and follow the instruction via email! We also offer quotes via text 24/7! Simply text us a picture of the converter(s) along with the code(s) to the number listed on the website and we will respond back ASAP.


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