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SCCG (Scrap Catalytic Converter Guides) a subsidiary of PGM Solution makes no claim to be refiners or a refinery. We are experienced buyers and sellers of discarded catalytic converters and have through the years worked closely with seasoned buyers including refineries. Our intent is to convey information that we have amassed over the years to those who are interested in getting sound knowledge from a reputable source. SCCG does not claim that the prices noted in our guides are the results of assay/refining. Our goal concerning pricing, is to take a collection of assay results, along with pricing from top experienced catalytic converter processors, then scrutinizing all of the gathered information, looking for consistency, then this information is documented and made available to our customers. SCCG is not liable for any lose that may occur while buying and selling discarded catalytic converters. SCCG reserves the right to reject any purchases and thus refunding any monies for purchases that's denied. SCCG does not offer refunds on intangible items. This includes our eBook or any electronic media. The information on this site and contained in our guide whether paperback or eBook are copy written and shall not be reproduced or shared without SCCG consent.

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